Airport Grocery Delivery

Are you catching a connecting flight from Nassau to one of the other islands in the Bahamas? If so consider ordering your groceries online and have them packaged in boxes waiting for you at the airport when you land. We make daily grocery deliveries  to Lynden Pindling International Airport and surrounding flight services based on your selected delivery date & time.

Hotel Grocery Deliveries

A room number is not required when ordering, Please provide the hotel name and name on the hotel reservation.  Keep in mind that some hotels only allow deliveries after 3:00pm, Others do not accept or store groceries, so please only select a delivery date & time that would allow a member of your party to be available in your room to accept your delivery.

Marinas Deliveries

Daily deliveries are made to all marinas in Nassau and Paradise Island. When placing your order please provide us with the name of the boat your booking is under. A slip number is not necessary for ordering. If booking with a tour company in the notes section you can provide a contact number or any additional information in the event they change the boat.

Residential Deliveries

We deliver from 9:00am until 12:00am to all areas. If ordering from a gated community please inform the security team that you are expecting a delivery.  In efforts to avoid delays with your delivery, please only select times when you’re expected to be home or have someone in place to accept your deliveries..

Important Notice!

Over the past few months we have had an increase in delivery delays -which has backed up deliveries in some cases to over an hour plus outside of selected delivery times. After reviewing each case we discovered that a number of new clients selected wrong delivery dates and times.

Example some clients booked early morning deliveries – when their flight times were late afternoon. In each case over an hour was lost and no deliveries made… When booking please review your selected date and time carefully.

Over Booked Dates

Once a date is over booked it will show in a pink block – That mean NO new orders will be added to that date.

Clients attempting to get around this by booking the next open date only to attempt to have it adjusted to an over booked date..will be cancelled.

Moving forward the following changes have been made

  • We will no longer offer same day delivery
  • One delivery is made if you’re not in place – your order will not be returned until the following delivery day.
  • We will only honor delivery dates and times booked.


Please check our availability status before shopping to ensure that the date you have in mind for delivery is available.

When checking out our availability status please note the following

  • Pink highlighted dates means we are overbooked on those dates
  • Green highlighted dates means those dates are available for booking.

These 2 colors may look differently based on your computer monitor

Staying in Contact

If you are traveling and encounter a flight delay – you can advise us by phone, e-mail, text or whatsup, and we will make any necessary adjustments required.

Tracking your delivery

You can track your delivery by using the tracking link above


Special Delivery Times

We do offer a number of special delivery times to accommodate our clients using the ferry boat or mail boat system connecting the outer islands of the Bahamas, for more information please contact us.